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A Few Words About Who We Are

If you want to know how not to run a business then ask me. I tried a lot of methods over the years and certainly have gathered a rather large list of what doesn’t work. My story below is something a lot of business people I’m sure will relate to.

At the age of 21 I founded Nova Insurance with only the small credit card limit I had. Why Insurance? Well I knew I wanted to start a business and having found myself a local job at the local insurance brokers I thought “this looks easy!!!”


Why Nova? After deciding on setting up a brokerage I thought I should open a bank account, at this stage I had not even written a business plan or anything, Anyway on my way to the bank I still had no name for the business. I knew I needed one before my bank appointment but still didn’t have a name. I was stuck behind a Vauxhall Nova car at traffic lights I thought ‘That’ll do” Nova Insurance. 

Why the Logo? A friend of mine who I told what I was doing thought I had gone mad and told me I had more chance of winning the lottery than getting this thing off the ground, so I decided to make the Lottery Balls the logo. 

That was in 1995 and much to everyone’s surprise, including mine, it survived those early years.

Today, Nova Insurance is an established Insurance Broker which operates nationally and 2020 saw its 25th anniversary.


Hassan Soyer
Founder, Nova Insurance